Develop Your Own Alphachromatic Edition


"...It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." Matthew 4:4


Since, then, we are to live by every word that God speaks, don't we hunger for those words? Don't we want to know what every one of them is? Shouldn't we search for them? Shouldn't we identify them? This is the motivation behind The Alphachromatic Edition.


The Alphachromatic Edition is a visual commentary. It is a set of color-coded conclusions I drew as I studied God's Word. Would you draw different conclusions than I did? Would God reveal to you some improvements or corrections that need to be made? If you examine this version of The Alphachromatic Edition and find that you disagree with my conclusions, then I would strongly urge you (with God's help) to compile your own version. This will require a substantial time commitment; but the result will be an intimate, personal, and in-depth understanding of God's Word from a new perspective.


Before you begin, let me share some practical insights with you. Realize that the King James Version (KJV) does not contain quotation marks and that most of the pronouns referring to God are not capitalized. Therefore, I encourage you to base your version of The Alphachromatic Edition on the KJV. This will force you to analyze the verses more deeply and to use more resources to decipher the more difficult passages, causing you to learn more in the process. When necessary, refer to a good study Bible, to some good commentaries, or to other versions of the Bible; but first, try to do as much as you can "on your own" (with God's help, of course). Before you begin and throughout the project, PRAY. God will bless your efforts to learn more about His Word.


The mechanics behind this project can be quite simple. For example, I used a thick-paged large-print KJV Bible that had been on a shelf for over twenty years. I sat down with a blue highlighter and marked the words God spoke. If I could not identify the speaker from the context of the passage, I referred to other versions of the Bible or to my favorite study Bible. When those resources did not answer all of my questions, God led me to buy a Bible study software package (that I highly recommend) called SwordSearcher. It contains, among many other tools, most of the resources I used in my research (For more information about SwordSearcher, visit http://www.swordsearcher.com/.). I also discussed many of the more difficult passages with my wife, my daughter, and my son. After nearly ten months, I finished the research phase.


Next, I exported the text of the KJV from SwordSearcher into Microsoft WordPad. My daughter helped me format the books and I colored the letters according to the conclusions I drew in the research phase. After saving those files on a CD-ROM and on a flash drive, I bought an ink jet printer and printed a hard copy of The Alphachromatic Edition. I had it bound at a local office supply store, eleven months into the project.


I am sure that some will use different approaches and that others will be satisfied to stop at the end of the research phase. Sadly, still others will probably never even try. I truly hope, though, that before you decide to simply read and use "my" version of The Alphachromatic Edition, you will pray about immersing yourself in this life-changing project and will encourage others to do the same.